Big Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care

At PennJersey, we provide personalized, specialized consulting services to suit your environmental site assessment and remediation needs. We’re here to advocate on your behalf; whether you are in industry, commercial, development, or municipalities, we’ve got you covered in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beyond.

When it comes to the labyrinth of myriad environmental regulatory and technical issues that complicate your business, PennJersey has the experience and cost-effective services to simplify your problems. With well over combined 150 years’ experience (and that’s just senior staff) working in environmental services, we’re field, assessment and remediation experts. We bring a unique mix of passion for science and project management expertise that culminates in premium, expert environmental consulting.

With three LSRPs for servicing New Jersey and Professional Geologists for Brownfield Redevelopment and working in accordance with Pennsylvania’s Act 2 Land Recycling Program, PennJersey is your full-service choice for comprehensive environmental consulting solutions that show results.

Don’t believe us? Check out our company pillars:


Efficiency is the cornerstone of the work we do. You’re busy and so are we. Our job is to guide you through the process of site assessment and remediation as quickly, effectively and with as little pain as possible.


The client is our number one priority. Period. We stay available to you, responding just as fast as we can to answer your questions and create solutions. We believe that communication is key, and we live by that practice.

Personalized Service

No two clients have the exact same needs. We understand that. That’s why this pillar is all about you. We’re here to serve your needs in the most specific ways possible. Our goal is to get the results our clients want, honestly and ethically.


With three LSRPs and Professional Geologists on staff, PennJersey has the people you need to get things done. We bring fresh solutions grounded in experience to each and every project. We work to your needs, telling you how to solve problems up front to keep costs down later.

Regulatory Compliance

We’re experts on what you need, when you need it and where. We’re professional scientists that have been working in environmental services for longer than we care to admit (for age reasons). Our job is to make your site compliant, and it is always a top priority.

Ethics & Honesty

There's only one way to get the job done. The right way. Every member of the team here at PennJersey practices their work ethically and honestly to ensure, not only, site compliance, but lasting results for your business.